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BROWSE @π We welcome you to browse our current mini pie selection! Currently we are only offering over 10 different kinds, a mix of classic favorites and a few with a modern twist! We have taken the time to make sure each and every pie lives up to @π standards, which means they have been tested and approved by local Seattlites! We are constantly trying new recipes, but we will not add them to our menu until they have been critiqued & certified by our testers! Keep checking back or follow us for updates in new varieties! follow me on facebook
Order Schedule Please check to make sure that our delivery schedule will fit your needs. We currently only have scheduled deliveries for once a week, on Sundays. We are able to do a special deliveries on a case by case basis, so if you need it for a special occasion please email us with a custom order form & delivery request, and we will try our best to accommodate your needs!
FILL YOUR CART! Add your selection of pies to the cart & proceed through checkout or for custom orders, fill out our online form & submit  CartAdvanced Order form!
FRESH BAKED We bake late on Saturday night/Sunday morning, so your order will be at its optimal freshness & taste on delivery! Each mini pie is handmade from scratch, with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, so it takes time & care to do it right. Alvin (“a) or Tina (“t”) will sign every box after personal inspection to make sure every detail has been checked.
DELIVERY Sundays are our delivery day! We are a local, small business that started out with a small dream. We are fulfilling that dream each & every day, but we want to grow slowly, one happy customer at a time. Your feedback is what we learn & grow from. We are able to fulfill and deliver orders on other days, on a case by case basis, but please keep in mind we are a small, family business. We have our limitations, but we will do our absolute best to accommodate your unique needs, so please contact us by email Delivery Region
FEEDBACK/REVIEWS Please make sure to leave us feedback! We understand that every person has a different palate, but we will read every review, critique and criticism and weigh their values. If there is something seriously wrong with what we are doing, we will absolutely make sure to fix it, but personal preference will be something we will have to thoughtfully consider before we drastically change our recipes. As much as we would love to make each & every pie to your unique & particular craving, we would probably have to raise the prices exorbitantly to make that happen! So please, if there is anything you were unsatisfied with, email us first before posting online, and we will try our infinite best to remedy the situation. If you were satisfied, please make sure to leave us feedback on any (or all) of our social media sites <list/link to site>


THANK YOU We want to personally thank each & every one of our customers for their investment into a small, family, local business. We want to be able to provide support for other small, local businesses that work long hours and put their heart & soul into their work! Check out some of these places, and if there are others you are aware of, email us, so we can add them to our list, so we can all help & support each other! DCB Farms (Where we source our peaches!)

Toyoda Sushi (They serve AMAZING Sushi and our pies!)