IMG_0415@π was started by Seattlites, Alvin & Tina. We started baking mini pies for gatherings and parties with our own friends, and they were such a hit, we were encouraged to start our own local business.  Our pies are handmade from scratch with the seasonally freshest ingredients and no preservatives.  We only bake in small batches to ensure the quality of every single pie and you will see that no two pies look exactly alike.  Each and every one is made individually, with love and care, with special attention to every little detail.  The toppings do change depending on the season, but the basic recipe does not and we try our absolute best to make every variation live up to @π standards.

These mini pies are perfect for all sorts of events, such as family gatherings during the holidays, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties or just Sunday dinner at home.  Everyone can choose their favorite pie and enjoy it without sharing!  No plates or silverware necessary, unless you want to eat it with ice cream!  They also go well with a tall glass of  milk or a steaming mug of hot chocolate.  Or if any of you are like us.. after a long, hard day, they go spectacularly with a cold beer, a glass of wine or even champagne!
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